Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

(A post by Brandi, the surrogate)

Well, maybe not quite in others’ eyes.  But in mine, the FedEx guy delivered me a present that I couldn’t wait to open!


Usually I love surprises and can be patient til the time comes to open my gifts.  But this time I knew what was in the box!! And I knew I wanted to see exactly what was in there!  So, to not make you wait any longer, here’s what’s in my “Christmas in August ” present:


I’m sure many of you are thinking, “What?! You’re excited about this? Looks like 3 bottles of Rx, lots of needles + alcohol wipes = injections! How are you excited about this?!?!”

But these meds and injections mean that I can start getting my body ready for the journey I’m about to take! My heart has been ready for a long time! My head, check!  Now it’s my body’s turn.  And all the things you see in the picture will help do that.

So yes, it’s like Christmas! I opened my present and caught a peek of what is to come!!

Now, as I’m sure this is new for you (it is for me), there may be many of you who have lots of questions about these meds.  I would LOVE to answer any of these questions now, or you can choose to be patient just like I’ve had to, and journey with me as I blog about each of these injections and meds as I take them.

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