Love is something if you give it away!

So this is going to be a very quick, maybe error-filled, post.  Tory has been, and will continue for several more days, going through some pain and discomfort, to put it very nicely.  She’s doing this with so much love in her heart; to give her husband another chance to be a daddy, her daughter a chance to be a big sister, and herself another blessed opportunity to know the love that only a mother can feel.

It is truly something for her to go through to give that love away and let me carry her baby for her/them!  For that reason its time for me to show her love!

The thing she doesnt know is that Im right in front of her house with some much-needed pampering gifts!! Surprise!

There is even a gift for Tory from a very good friend of mine who is also a surrogate-to wish her good luck with her egg retrieval!

(There will be an update or whole other post on the blessing of the unicorn cookies later on.  I have to go ring Tory’s doorbell now!)

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