Day 5 of IVF Update!

I am halfway done with IVF! Only 5ish more days to go! Last time I did IVF day 5 is when things got…tough. So needless to say I have been somewhat dreading this day this time around. And sure enough here we are on day 5 and all of a sudden I am just feeling…well not great. It sort of feels like a mild flu. A constant headache, hot flashes, issues sleeping (I have been up since 3am), and mild nausea at times (YAY rising estrogen levels – basically my body’s arch nemesis). This is on top of the already annoying side effect of my lower stomach going from feeling pressurized to at this point painful at times – especially on the left side.

Well today I had my progress ultrasound and found out why…my left ovary has 11 eggs in it! Compare that to my right which has 5 and yup I see why the left is aching! My tummy even looks different now to Teagan – she totally of her own accord said, “Mama your tummy bigger”. Thanks kid 😉 Here are pics of the eggs – the little black circles!20861268_10200963580151423_1417776566_o20930526_10200963580391429_1039533032_o







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