Day 2 IVF Update…

Today is day 2 of IVF – only 8 (ish) left to go! My husband injects me twice a day with a shot at 9am and a different shot at 9pm.

It seems to be working much faster this time. Last time I didn’t feel my ovaries swelling until about day 4. No joke after the first shot on day 1 – I could feel pressure down there! It feels exactly like the first trimester if you have ever been pregnant. It’s like my body was saying, “Oh you again?!! I remember you!!” My ovaries seem to be reacting much faster this time. I hope this is good news – I would think it is?!

This morning some of the added side effects of hot flashes and headaches started – oh the joys!! My daughter decided to sit on my stomach while playing pony on the floor with me this morning. I literally howled when she sat her cute tush on my hips. But it confirmed it for me – those eggs are for sure a growin’! Not to mention I tried crossing my legs tonight and was like….yeah…..nope…..not happening! Pressure.

All in all, hanging in there pretty darn well this time. We will see what the next few days bring. Day 5 and on got really difficult last time – thats when the Waddlin’ Daudelin went into full effect. But thanks to Brandi I am WELL prepared if that happens again – her latest shenanagins she put in the mail for me…penguin knee high socks!



Love her. #waddlindaudelin


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