On the night of IVF eve…thank YOU.


On the night of IVF eve (I start two shots a day starting tomorrow bright and early). I am emotional and on the brink of tears. Happy ones.

The last time I was entering IVF in May it was a very lonely time to be honest. The world didn’t know yet.  This time around I am entering IVF with the support of over 4500 blog views in 17 different countries (WHAT???!!! That’s insane guys, thank you!!!)…with an unbelievable amount of private messages saying, “Me too Tory! I am going through this too Tory!”

It’s a game changer. I feel like a warrior with the backing of support this time and I seriously wish I could thank every last one of you personally for caring. For supporting. For reading.

On top of all your support I also have the best gestational carrier on the planet. I thought my job was to spoil her – she is doing the bulk of the work here!! But nope, in true unicorn fashion a box of pampering arrived at my door today. Different adult coloring books to help calm me on my most anxious days.

On Friday, I went in for my baseline ultrasound at the IVF clinic. They counted 5 eggs in each ovary, 10 total. One of these eggs may become Baby Daudelin #2 – how special is that?!


And just for fun some pictures of baby Daudelin #1 at our local county fair tonight on IVF Eve – because honestly what calms the soul better than baby animals!?

Our hope next year?

That we are pushing a double stroller. ❤


And with that….into IVF shots we go friends….

One thought on “On the night of IVF eve…thank YOU.

  1. Reading this as I rock my IVF baby back to sleep and remembering how painful the wait can be. The good news is, time keeps moving no matter what! Best of luck in your cycle– you got this!


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