Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots!!!

Anyone else have that song in their head now – sorry!!

Today was our RN consult before I start my SECOND round of IVF on Sunday. To date Travis has already stabbed me (lovingly) 50 times – and here we go again! Not to mention Brandi starts hers soon too!! Shots for all!

IVF is essentially 20 days long. The first 10 days you are in suppression. Ironically, they suppress your system and put you into menopause. The reason for this is that they cant have you ovulate. Once that egg is out of the pelvic cavity there is no way to retrieve to it.

I didn’t react well last time to this stage. I had migraines, exhaustion and bone pain – YIKES! So this time around I have instead been on back to back special birth control pills and will stop taking them tomorrow night. By Sunday I should be fully suppressed AKA in menopause. Interestingly last time my hair texture changed and I started waking up earlier. I truly felt older ha!

On Sunday, we start 10 days of stimulation shots. So now that I wont loose those precious eggs by ovulating we need to grow the eggs in my uterus BIG and FAST. By the end of this 10 day period I will have gone from menopause to looking about 6/7 months pregnant.

On August 23 they will surgically remove the eggs. A few days after surgery the PEAK of bloat will occur – the areas the eggs were removed from will fill with fluid and this fluid leaks into your abdomen. I overstimulated moderately last time – AKA lots of fluid. So during surgery this time they are adding two medications that will help get my estrogen levels down quickly. (Did I mention my body really hates all this pregnancy stuff?!)

Basically you end up waddling around from about day 5 of stims to a few days after. My last name is Daudelin – so basically I’ll be Waddlin’ Daudelin!

We can use all the luck we can get – we only got one egg last time that is viable which is why we have to do this all over again. So please pray, send good vibes, all are SO very appreciated. ❤

Adelie penguins

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