Signed, Sealed, Delivered…Baby Daudelin is all yours for 9 months!!!

BIG DAY today. We got back from a week vacation to a mountain of mail. In the mail was the one last paperwork hurdle – the Embryo Transfer Form.

Basically the form that says we consent to have our baby transferred into Brandi by our doctor.

Although we are legally in contract – the doctors still needs it in writing that they can in fact do this with our child. It was the last major form we will have to sign medically.

To celebrate Brandi, went out and bought her first pair of maternity pants in YEARS. Although we know not to get ahead of ourselves it was quite the moment for both of us.

The amount of paperwork to get us here – has been a full time job since Feb. Brandi often kids she is grateful I am a stay at home mom with a toddler that takes 3 hour naps – because there is no way this could have gotten all done. And its true – by not using an agency we had to do all the work ourselves and it was A LOT OF WORK.

Brandi, cheers to having our bun bake in your unicorn oven…in just 7 short weeks! And although the baby will be in your oven for just 9 short months, our families will be in each other’s lives and intertwined forever.

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