You’ve got mail!

See my beautiful flag in the corner?!

Unicorn here!

So I got home from a 31 party to this wonderful package in the mail!  I was told it wasn’t going to come until late next week, so I was very pleasantly surprised when it showed up TODAY, and on a Saturday!

What is it, you wonder…well it’s my “frozen embryo transfer cycle” dates!  So this is information I went over with Jill, our coordinator at CRM, back on July 12.  And when I saw the information that you are about to see in the picture below, I was nervous!  You see, I am kind of a perfectionist.  And if I miss any of what you are seeing, it could change things dramatically (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

So now I see the exact dates and all. the. meds that I GET to take/inject over the next 3 months! Yep, you saw that right- injections for 3 months!  And did I mention that there’s a calendar with exact dates and times to take these 3-4 different meds?  And some I have to take 3 times a day!  See evidence below!


Oh yeah…and it’s highlighted just to make sure I know to pay special attention to those things and days!  Cue nerves of fearing I will mess up!  This isn’t just a test I may fail…this is a human we’re talking about!

So I begin my first injections on August 28.  4 weeks from this coming Monday!  Do you know how fast 4 weeks go?  Back up 4 weeks…it was a week before America’s birthday! And the 4th of July seems like a long time ago! So fast forward 4 weeks and I’ll be inserting a needle into my belly. (Don’t worry…I’ll be posting about that, too!)

As you look at this and try to understand this schedule, understand that, YES, I am willing to do this in order to bring a precious baby into the loving arms of Travis, Tory & Teagan!!  It will be a delivery far more exciting than the mail delivered to me today!  So wish me luck…I may need it!

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