We never thought we would be in contract with a real live unicorn!

IMG_20170728_111001 (1)If you saw Brandi’s post yesterday Brandi and Bryan signed the 38 page Gestational Carrier contract in front of a notary making it official on their end. We were the slow pokes in signing, as of course this week I have been down for the count with the stomach flu!

But in the surro world there are deadlines, so the show must go on! In order to get Brandi’s medication and protocol ready in time for our emrbyo transfer date September 27  –  the IVF clinic needs to know we are legally in contract before they can begin. And that deadline was today.

So after downing my good friend Pepto Bismol  (sorry TMI I know!) we made it to our local bank and signed with a notary making it official on our end too! WE ARE IN CONTRACT WITH A REAL LIVE UNICORN! (And Brandi unicorn goodies are in the mail  – you need to graduate from mule!!!)

Our baby is literally being given life in this envelope and we could not trust a better person with the second love of our life. #unicornsAREreal #teamT4



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