Signed, Sealed, Delivered (tomorrow), I’m Yours!

Brandi here!

So today was a BIG day!  We got the contract finalized, signed, notarized and mailed off to our attorney!!  It truly just makes it seem one step closer to being so REAL!

received_10200926585466579Throughout this process it’s been “hurry up and wait” situations.   And here it is again….lol.  We now wait for Tory and Travis to sign (tomorrow) and it’s…you guessed it…wait some more! Lol.  This time the waiting will be on my mind a lot more.  Because at the end of this waiting comes injections, meds and hormonal roller coasters.  (Maybe I shouldn’t LOL at the end of this one….my poor hubby and kiddos.)  But this, too, will be SO worth the wait.  Because in exactly 2 months from TODAY I will be doing something I have waited a long time to do and help others out in a way I can’t even fathom!

So I’m known as the Unicorn to Tory. (I love it by the way!)  And tonight I wanted to celebrate that we are one step closer.  Being I don’t like Starbucks (for their unicorn drink) and don’t have a unicorn-labeled beer, my hubby made me the next best thing….20170727_184206

(No I don’t want to be referred to as a mule….but what is a girl to do?)

So to this amazing journey, I say “Cheers!” to all that is to come!


Tory, Travis & Teagan, I’m yours!

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