Brandi and Bryan pass medical evaluation!!!!!

If you are reading this, I am freaking out and over the moon.  Brandi and her hubby Bryan had to go through a pretty grueling medical evaluation 2 weeks ago through our IVF clinic. It involved injecting saline into Brandi’s uterus checking for polyps, cysts, and fibroid’s. It was a very painful procedure for Brandi – she is an absolute trooper. Although we found out on the spot that indeed Brandi’s uterus passed (YAY!) there was still the wait to know the blood and urine test results….

The FDA looks at surrogacy like an organ transplant. Since you are in fact putting tissue into a third party they need to check for disease/STDs. And our IVF clinic also has a laundry list of items that need to be in normal range for them to continue. The most common hiccups being a thyroid or vitamin D deficiency in the surrogate. If these areas are not in the normal range your embryo transfer date can be pushed MONTHS.

Well I woke up to the news this morning that both Bryan and Brandi passed all blood and urine results and we should finalize our legal contracts!

Excuse me while I do a happy dance around my coffee table….;)

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